Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Beer Review: SAPPORO

Sapporo Beer

    I came across this beer a while back on one...not so clear halloween night at a random asian place that some of my friends to this day doubt the existence of....
Alch Content: 5%
Price: Around 3.50 for a 22 oz can
Taste: Its hoppy/carbonated with a bit of bitterness
Smell: Couldn't really smell anything not one of those types of beers
Looks: Yellow/Orange with thick foam head

Its a cheap beer... Don't expect it to be amazing Not bad to wash down that chinese drunk food you order after the bars or even during midterm/finals week but if your trying to stay class I wouldn't recommend this. It is not a filtered beer so it has some particles floating around in it but you can't really feel them when you drink it just doesn't look to pleasant in a glass. But for 3.50 ill pretend to be fancy and tell my friends I am drinking Japanese premium beer... they won't know the difference since they don't read this blog..however you will.Also anyone who actually reads this and calls me out for pulling the whole yeahhh I'm just drinking an imported japanese beer just chime in don't be an asshole and  ruin the fun saying its cheap no one has to know that besides us.

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