Sunday, August 12, 2012

Drinking Game: Shark Week

Shark Week... the best week of the year!

Come on now whats better then sitting at home watching sharks fuck shit up.... Not much to be honest... well actually alot of things but come on lets be real if you have nothing to do or just getting a bunch of people together to watch this it is pretty awesome I mean its better then doing nothing right?

Drink every time you hear an British, Australian, or South African
Chug for the time period the shark is airborne until it hits the water again
Drink whenever you see a diver in a cage
Drink every time the camera shows a surfboard or person underwater in the same frame as a shark. 
Every time a Shark expert is on tv
Drink every time a new shark is introduced/talked about
Finish your drink if the animal that the shark attacks is a seal
Drink every time you check your phone/get a notification/txt/tweet about how awesome shark week is...chug if you see one about how bad it is
Drink when shark victim is being interviewed

If you guys have any more ideas feel free to add them in the comment section

Friday, August 10, 2012

Drinking Games: Movie

So we all have a night where we don't feel like doing anything out side of our room... to lazy to set up the pong game or maybe no cups left but plenty of beer... why not watch a movie with a bunch of friends and drink at certain times.. heres a list of fun movies to do this with...

ANY Indian Jones movie
The simplest one I think out of all of these with only one rules... DRINK when indian jones awkwardly hits on a girl, or does something totally badass....

-When Ron hits on someone
-Ron addresses San Diego
-Brick utters anything idiotic
-Everytime Rons dog speaks

Mighty Ducks:
Group Quack(keep chugging until its over)
Charlie crys about something and has a hissy fit
Cake eater (or any dis that is never ever used...)
The word ducks is said...
ether a flashback or talking about coach bombays failed hockey past

Dazed and Confused
A paddling occurs
They say Shotgun"
Drink along with the characters every time they drink
weed reference
Pink gets the drug free paper
Mitch touches his face

Any Pixar movie
You see a character from a different Pixar Movie
There is a joke said about another Pixar short or movie
Chase sequence;
A character has dilemma
Movie makes you sad
Someone learns a lesson
You actually laugh

Ill probably update this some other time but to be completely honest I really won't want to just giving a general idea of drinking games with movies incase your bored one night... Im sure if you have a favorite movie you can make your own rules to it. Good Luck, Have Fun, and Drink responsibly.

For the Ladies(and I guess guys): Tank Tops

This Mizzou student decided to take fashion into her own hands... now fuck I'm a guy idk whats in or out all i need is nice jeans and a button down.. not 500 pairs of shoes... skirts and what ever else you need. Guys keep it simple we are ready in 10 min.... 30 if we are playing a game of shots in NHL...(post coming soon)  But these look pretty sick if you ask me so check them out the link/twitter are at the bottom of this post

check them out help a fellow student fund party $$$ and grow this mini business...

Twitter: Sorry I party @prettypartier

Music: Childish Gambino

Yet another music post hope you guys enjoyed the other ones. His name is Donald Glover...but his musician name is Childish Gambino...All of you must have watched or heard about community Or have watched 30 rock(he wrote for the show and also was on it a few times) He also is a comedian this guy is all over the place. He has been around for a while and have had his music on my i-tunes for a while but figured it was time to share it with you guys.

I think this guy definitely has talent, I mean his lyrics are sick in my opinion are they the best no but they are defiantly above average and catchy. I am a big fan of Lights Turned on which is the 2nd song but I figured id put down heartbreak also since I know some ppl may enjoy that also. Also definitely check out his stand up... and for gods sake please watch community or 30 rock... at least a few episodes if you havn't yet. 

Vodka Review: Sobieski

Sobieski Vodka

   Price: $11-20 Bottle/Handle Price

                    Taste: Light hint of grain with minimal burn

                      Smell:Pure Vodka smell...

Well this WOULD NOT be a proper blog without some Polish Vodka....(I have a lot more to come since I have plenty of polish vodkas,) I found this in almost every store. I prefer it over absolute...but maybe not as good as Stoli..Either way this is definitely one of those go to vodkas for the poorer/cheaper party animals. Your trying to pre game you don't need to get fancy just something that taste good or is bearable... You know your going to be burning a hole in your wallet by going out to the bars. Why go back to eating Ramen when you can have your cake and eat it too... or some shit like that. I highly recommend this vodka if you are on a budget and want a drink that is equal to or better then Absolute. This is just my opinion so don't start crying if you don't like it and think I lied to you because I didn't the odds are your just a little bitch that can't take a shot...  Ill take this shit over Absolute due to price/ minimal taste difference any day so why not take a risk and spend that 11 dollars and see if you like it?                                                                                                                                       

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Daa Fuck News: No FB/Twitter means your a pyscho?

Ok so I decided to yet again change something and add a news section... and then just thrown my opinion on it (which is the only one that counts for now..) I figured Since I will not have time to make any mixed drinks until I get back to school or possibly in a week or two I could at least Keep you all Entertained Somehow.

    Who the hell knew... if your a social out cast you are probably psychotic....Anyway I am glad the news its on top of its shit, I mean any one of these people that didn't have a Facebook can just make one now and we won't know... But how sad is it(I have both) that society marks you as psychotic if you don't have either.. I should sleep with one eye open since neither of my parents have any social network accounts and limited computer skills...greaaaat...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


So I had this up in the Old music page but I decided to change it to here instead....
Bramzwig is a pretty some random musician I found out about recently. A few of my friends that i sent this to had no idea who he was so why not share it with the rest of you?
The Pre-Game Bramwzig

Drop top- Bramwzig

I don't know maybe its just me but I like these college rappers more. I can't tell you why maybe its the cheap concerts? Or maybe I just like supporting the under dogs since Kanye and Lil wayne get all the praise they want none stop...not taking anything away from Kanye... but definitely taking it away from Lil Wayne... On the topic of music have you guys heard about Snoop Dog.. I mean Snoop Lion... guy has done a lot for music but why must you change your name and make music like this ?? Must be that Jamaican weed he smoked there maybe the high never wore off..
AS I posted this I  listened to it for a 5th time... don't hate it as much as the 1st time around but definitely not liking it just yet... who know maybe it will grow on me eventually. Good for him though as dumb as i think this was he decided to expand or try to expand the music frontier maybe it will work? who knows... Anyway Sorry about lacking on the mixed drinks to busy to sit around making them will try to get my shit together and produce some solid recipes for you guys soon.