Thursday, August 9, 2012

Daa Fuck News: No FB/Twitter means your a pyscho?

Ok so I decided to yet again change something and add a news section... and then just thrown my opinion on it (which is the only one that counts for now..) I figured Since I will not have time to make any mixed drinks until I get back to school or possibly in a week or two I could at least Keep you all Entertained Somehow.

    Who the hell knew... if your a social out cast you are probably psychotic....Anyway I am glad the news its on top of its shit, I mean any one of these people that didn't have a Facebook can just make one now and we won't know... But how sad is it(I have both) that society marks you as psychotic if you don't have either.. I should sleep with one eye open since neither of my parents have any social network accounts and limited computer skills...greaaaat...

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