Friday, August 10, 2012

Drinking Games: Movie

So we all have a night where we don't feel like doing anything out side of our room... to lazy to set up the pong game or maybe no cups left but plenty of beer... why not watch a movie with a bunch of friends and drink at certain times.. heres a list of fun movies to do this with...

ANY Indian Jones movie
The simplest one I think out of all of these with only one rules... DRINK when indian jones awkwardly hits on a girl, or does something totally badass....

-When Ron hits on someone
-Ron addresses San Diego
-Brick utters anything idiotic
-Everytime Rons dog speaks

Mighty Ducks:
Group Quack(keep chugging until its over)
Charlie crys about something and has a hissy fit
Cake eater (or any dis that is never ever used...)
The word ducks is said...
ether a flashback or talking about coach bombays failed hockey past

Dazed and Confused
A paddling occurs
They say Shotgun"
Drink along with the characters every time they drink
weed reference
Pink gets the drug free paper
Mitch touches his face

Any Pixar movie
You see a character from a different Pixar Movie
There is a joke said about another Pixar short or movie
Chase sequence;
A character has dilemma
Movie makes you sad
Someone learns a lesson
You actually laugh

Ill probably update this some other time but to be completely honest I really won't want to just giving a general idea of drinking games with movies incase your bored one night... Im sure if you have a favorite movie you can make your own rules to it. Good Luck, Have Fun, and Drink responsibly.

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