“Fuck Genres I like Music”

There is nothing worse then going to a friends pre-game where the play list is all one genre or has call me maybe playing 20 times in 1 hour. Its always good to diversify no one wants to listen to the same stuff over and over again unless your running some type of theme for the night but go to some chicks blog for info on that you won't find it here... 

        Every now and then we will post a few songs that may be different. I define different as one of 3 things  
  1. Something I don’t think many people have heard.
  2. Something that isn’t over played and is good.(at least in my opinion you may disagree)
  3. Most importantly the throwbacks everyone loves and may have forgotten about 

The College Rappers

Upper West- I won't Grow Up

Trey Palms- In your eyes

Recently Posted Songs

Drop Top-Bramzwig


DJ Ear Warm United States of Pop (2012)
Also check out the 2009-2011 ones also

Recently Posted Songs

Pandemonium-The White Panda

Hate it or love it country is good shit if you haven't opened up to it try listening it to a couple times or go to a country style bar a night or two...You will not be disappointed if you give it a chance. My suitemate sophomore year basically beat country into me every time we started to drink and it has not disappointed me since.


Truck Yeah- Tim Mcgraw

Recently Posted Song

5 o'clock somewhere- Alan Jackson
The Wind- Zac Brown Band
Chicken Fried Zac Brown Band

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