Tuesday, August 7, 2012


So I had this up in the Old music page but I decided to change it to here instead....
Bramzwig is a pretty some random musician I found out about recently. A few of my friends that i sent this to had no idea who he was so why not share it with the rest of you?
The Pre-Game Bramwzig

Drop top- Bramwzig

I don't know maybe its just me but I like these college rappers more. I can't tell you why maybe its the cheap concerts? Or maybe I just like supporting the under dogs since Kanye and Lil wayne get all the praise they want none stop...not taking anything away from Kanye... but definitely taking it away from Lil Wayne... On the topic of music have you guys heard about Snoop Dog.. I mean Snoop Lion... guy has done a lot for music but why must you change your name and make music like this ?? Must be that Jamaican weed he smoked there maybe the high never wore off..
AS I posted this I  listened to it for a 5th time... don't hate it as much as the 1st time around but definitely not liking it just yet... who know maybe it will grow on me eventually. Good for him though as dumb as i think this was he decided to expand or try to expand the music frontier maybe it will work? who knows... Anyway Sorry about lacking on the mixed drinks to busy to sit around making them will try to get my shit together and produce some solid recipes for you guys soon.

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