Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Party: Sensation White

If you have not heard about this gtfo... For all those people that went to Jones beach for ID fest your all a joke...take note form this video what a real party looks like.. for those of you who don't know, people at ID just stood there some dressed in neon... some in random costumes... bouncing up and down as if they were listening to lil wayne rap i mean.. whine like a little bitch(although he has one or two good songs the rest of them sound like he is complaining to mommy)

ANYWAY back to the real news many people still do not know about this I am shocked.. one night is already sold out... tickets are on sale... I will be getting mine soon. One of the worlds biggest raves coming to NYC the greatest city in the world( and I just made all the Boston/Philly readers cringe because for some reason both cities thing they can actually compete with NYC)

Anyway enjoy being informed if you did not know anything about this.. If you did your welcome for reminding you how awesome it is.. I will SEE YOU THERE!

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