Hangover Remedies

The dreaded Hangover
It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, constant party goer or the occasional drinker. One bad(or good depending on how you look at it) night out cant make you suffer the very next day. 
There are many different remedies out there and we will dedicate this page to the most effective ones that we know of/can find. No one likes suffering so why not try and end that? Email us with any suggestions or things you do that work and we will write about it along with our own remedies. 
Lets start off with the number one remedy to cure a hangover. You go out maybe pre-game a little to hard on top of that you didn’t eat much and end up blacking out or just having a rough night. You are bound to wake up feeling sick and there is only one thing to make you look back at the night and say it was worth it or at least pretend like it was...Yup you guessed it waking up next to a smokeshow. Your reaction when you wake up... Hangover? what hangover...i cant let that hold me back I just got bragging rights for the day...On the opposite end of that is waking up to “it”. Nothing worse then having a hangover and waking up to a monster (well there might be but nothing I can think of now).
     Now all the girls that haven't stopped reading this are probably thinking wow what a F#@!ing pig!! Ladies...this is not a gender based remedy it applies to you also. The headache involved in the Stride Of Pride is always better then the one that comes with the Walk Of Shame....Admit it if you were coming back from Brat Pitts, Channing Tatums, or George Clooneys(AZ’s man crush) apartment after spending the night your headache would be none existent...compared to waking up in Shamooos(the whale) apartment where will feel like death. 

     For now we will leave you with this hangover remedy/ego booster and report back with some serious and more effective ways to get rid of the sick feeling.

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