Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Drinking Games: Baseball

    I don't know about you guys but beer pong is getting boring.  Baseball is a lot faster  and  more fun in my opinion. I learned to play this game sophomore year of college and I have to say I prefer this over beer pong any day!
        Anyway what is baseball... simply put baseball is beer pong and flip cup combined... with the level of shit talking stepped up a notch.

The Set Up
Team size:3-4 

Its basically 4 cups in a vertical line on both sides of the table...
The cup closest to the MIDDLE of the table is 1st base
....and it goes 2nd 3rd and Home being the cup closest to you...(its a simple setup ....i mean shit if you need a picture ill do one better. I will personally drive my friends 10 year old sister  to your house and let her set it up for you)

Anyway you can fill these up two different ways with your drink of choice non-alchoholic... or alcoholic.(I recommend beer since a lot of drinking goes on in this game and anything else would be a bad choice)

  1. Fill them up all equally
  2. Fill 1st with the least amount of alch and incrementally go up until home is filled up with a full beer

Anyway now that you have your shooting "bases" set up done; put 3 cups opposite each other as if you were playing flipcup, these are for the base runners.(for those of you not to sharp on your sports terminology I will assume you are girls and refer you to this blog http://2ballsnostrikes.wordpress.com/.... if your a guy.. well i guess its time to stop taking those ballet classes, put your purse down and watch a ball game.) Again these cups are labeled 1st 2nd and 3rd... 1ST will always be closest to the hitting team. (Side note give yourself some space in between cups.)

The Game

       Flip a coin and decided how many innings you want to play... 6/9 make sure the team that bats(shoots) 1st doesn't bat(shoot) last... This is done just so you don't get in a drunk argument with your friends or competition...hey lets face it shit always gets heated during competitive drinking games...
      Now each team gets 3 outs... This is how you get an OUT. I shoot the ball.. and it completely misses the cups that counts as an OUT...if it hits a cup bounces up and someone from the other team catches it before it hits the table or group it is an OUT. And now lastly if you get on base and challenge someone for flip cup and lose you are OUT.(I will explain this more in a bit)
   Just like regular baseball hit a home run thats a point plus... the other team must drink all 4 cups hit a triple you go to the 3rd base cup and the opposing team must drink the 3rd base cup and all cups before it(1st and 2nd) and so on. All cups must be finished and  reset before the other team shoots.

Stealing bases
Now it gets complicated. Say you just hit a single... because you suck and can't handle hitting anything else...You go to the 1st base cup... It is your time to shine and make up for your shitty single. Stealing is basically playing flipcup for the extra base...if you win and your opponent is still struggling or you are just a cocky mother fucker you can continue stealing(playing flip cup) and go all the way home...now the person on the other team has to beat you in flip cup in order to get you out...so they will have to play you cup for cup... curtesy rules ... don't start playing when no one is there to defend you...However there is a fun rule to implement... and that is balking... I'm not explaining the baseball team but basically the runner must ALWAYS touch the cup before the "fielder"(guy trying to get them out) .anyway if the person trying to get the runner out touches the cup before the runner has a chance to steal then the runner gets the free base.

(The best example of this was someone i saw ask the person to check their cup and challenged the amount of beer in it... us guys do not like being called pussies when it comes to how much we fill up our cups.. the kid grabbed it and then realized he was tricked)... so use any and all means to get them to touch that cup.. anything goes and it just makes it more fun and the shit talk definitely increases due to that.

Anyway go try the game... its a lot simpler after playing it a few times and getting everyone on the same page... good luck and enjoy and remember drink responsibly...

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