Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jolly Rancher infused Vodka

Watermelon Jolly Rancher Vodka 

 Heres some great tasting vodka without burning a hole in your wallet
(Don't mind the picture you can use cheaper vodka don't trust me)

What you need:

      -this infusion will help make cheaper vodkas smoother then usual. I have made this using Svedka, Absolute and Smirnoff... but you can also use Segrams, KU-L, and Sobieski.If you are not satisfied with the straight shot flavor add more jolly ranchers or use this as a mixer with non-alchoholic beverages.
Jolly Ranchers
      -side note for Jolly ranchers you may want to just go to amazon or google and find a single flavor. Do this once you find which one you enjoy the most. This saves money and time when having to buy a few bags of jolly ranchers and sorting through all of them in order to 

Advice before starting...Take a shot glass or a few cups and put 1 of each jolly rancher flavors and place in seperate cups..add a shot of vodka and let the jolly rancher dissolve take a shot of each or split it with your friends somehow to determine which flavor you like the most...On a personal level cherry and grape did not taste very well so I Stay away from those. While Sour Apple and Watermelon tasted the best. 


  1. Separate the flavors
  2. For a Per handle basis I would use close to the full pile of jolly ranchers. My pile was close to 50 maybe even 60...I had a large amount of vodka and bought 5 bags of jolly ranchers estimated 10-12 of each flavor per bag.. Again this all depends on your taste start with a reasonable amount and keep adding to meet your taste. Do not over do it though since it will come out syrupy if you put say...20 jolly ranchers into a water bottle of vodka.
  3. After the Jolly Ranchers are in the bottle do NOT put it in the freezer this will slow down the breakdown process. The breakdown will take anywhere from 8-10 hours for the candy to dissolve fully. If you are in a hurry shake them up a bit every so often I personally don't do this because it is unnecessary  work. The vodka will be done in 10 hours just make give it a good shake 3 or 4 times to get the jolly ranchers that are stuck on the sides of the bottle unstuck. Sitting there shaking the bottle helps speed up the process but you don't lose or gain any flavor by doing this.
  4. After fully dissolving put the vodka in the freezer and let it chill.. The vodka will not freeze or make a slush because the bottle is basically pure vodka so remember that when you drink this. It is not diluted and therefore be responsible with it.
Extra Tips
Add some carbonation to it to dilute the vodka and maybe give it a little more flavor... Sprite works well but again its personal choice... 
-If you really messed this up and want to salvage your vodka.. .add the equivalent flavored martini mix to your desired jolly rancher flavor...I did this with Sour Apple since I didn't have enough Jolly Ranchers so I just borrowed half a cup of mix from my neighbors for the full bottle and it worked just fine.
-You can also add these to other mixed drinks instead of buying a flavored liquor or vodka.  

-For those of you that are going to bitch about why I didn't make every flavor. Its because the above is my friends flavor of choice. He had extra bottles left over after a grad party and decided to try to make watermelon. Prior to these Absolute has been used and it has tasted just as good but again using a cheap vodka and adding more Jolly Ranchers saves you a good amount of money and the only difference will be in the burn which comes with most vodkas anyway.

Hope you enjoy if you have further questions comment below...

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  1. What is the ratio for vodka to jolly rancher? In oz or mL