Monday, July 30, 2012

The Beer Review: Wells Banana Bread Beer

So in-between posts I figured it would be nice to give you guys something to read. We will be posting reviews of beers, or hard liquors that we have had and recommend. Do not judge us... we've had our share... we like to try new and unique types of alcohol but we are responsible every time we drink... from what I remember at least and well never mind no need for those stories...just yet.

Wells Banana Bread Beer

Alch Content :5.2%
Price :Approx 5 dollars (give or take a few depending on state tax etc)
Taste: Spicy/Banana taste
Smell: Smell the bananas right away
Looks: Light Brown Ale type with thin foam on top that goes away quickly

     I don't know how they did it... i was expecting a shitty beer that tasted nothing like bananas let alone smelt like it. I actually didn't even buy the beer for the taste initially I got it mixed up with the Liquer store since it was called Wells also. I figured id support their brewery and give it a shot. Little did i know this had nothing to do with it. I would not say this is the  best beer that I have had but on a scale from 1-10 I think this would get around a 7.5 if I was a russian judge and a 8.5 If i was extremely bias.. so an rating of 8 is safe.
     On a personal note the strong taste it gives me is something I would not drink continuously though out the night. It is not a heavy beer however I would rather savor the banana taste and drink this beer slowly and casually. Unless you challenge me to a game of flip cup I may have to reconsider then.
     Although this beer is a year round beer I would recommend it for the Thanks giving/Holiday time period.

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